Virginia Tech’s Initial Dark History


In 1890 Charles Owens started working Virginia Tech (VT) as a janitor in one of the sleeping enclosure. Before long, he joined band understudies as an enormous catch drummer. Floyd Mead was brought into the Virginia Tech family while, subsequent to living with the Thomas Family, Thomas would carry Floyd to stay nearby the sleeping shelter as a small kid. The recruits took rapidly to Floyd and made him the mascot of the VT athletic groups. At the point when he got somewhat more seasoned, he found a new line of work working in the Wreck Corridor. He later gave over his mascot work to the turkey he prepared to support the football crew as he marched it on a chain.

The following person of color to work at VT was John Burns in 1917; who came to be known as John the Hair stylist, an epithet the recruits gave him as their number one hairdresser. Not long after in 1919 Pat plants turned into the janitor and a popular debater. He even was granted a success in a discussion about Bygone era Negros.

During the 1950s integration came to VT’s Blacksburg Presbyterian Church. After integration, dark understudies began going to Virginia Tech with Irving L. Peddrew III driving the way in 1953. That very year a gathering that later turns into the Committee of Human Relations is made by Jerry Bonet. Fittingly, their gatherings were held in the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church.

It was 15 years some other time when the main dark understudy moved on from VT as he got a B.S. in mechanical designing. This understudy was Charlie Yates who later filled in as one of Virginia Tech’s employees. After a year in 1959, Mr. Whitehurst became Virginia Tech’s most memorable dark individual from the Leading body of Guests. He was additionally the main person of color to go to the Ring Dance.

While individuals of color had recently registered through the school, individuals of color didn’t make an appearance at Virginia Tech until 1966. Now that blacks were acquiring honors and winning more distinctions, grants before long followed. The first was an athletic grant, given to Jerry Gaines for running track. He was additionally the main dark to be acknowledged into the Virginia Tech Corridor of Popularity.

In 1968, after the passing of Dr. Martin Luther Ruler, Jr. Virginia Tech understudies held a vigil in his honor. On a lighter note, in that very year, the principal person of color was chosen as homecoming princess. As the 60s come to a nearby, an ever increasing number of dark understudies are playing and beginning in athletic groups at VT. This is only a little investigate the achievements and accomplishments of dark individuals from the VT family.

Carl Gerald

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